Industry Solutions

Industry Solutions

An ironclad solution

Support the protection of creators' creations by using validation services and/or customized technology, leveraged from UREEQA's platform, for simple, easy and secure integration to your client platform as a value-added service.

UREEQA does the heavy lifting so you don’t have to

UREEQA’s patent-pending buildable layers of protection, and validation solution can be applied to any industry requiring third party verification of content: governments, law firms, real estate agencies, accounting firms, and insurance companies to name a few.

We understand the importance of airtight documentation demonstrating compliance, as well as the accuracy and consistency of the final deliverable. This is why we are proud to offer a streamlined process with the flexibility to fit your individual business needs.

  • Creator Associations

    Guilds, clubs, and groups supporting creators benefit from UREEQA’s unique intellectual property registration products through our white-label offerings.

  • Law Firms

    Law firms handling copyright cases can rely on a formulated, patent-pending process from a trusted company doing thorough research more efficiently than ever before.

  • Governments

    Intellectual Property offices can now offer real innovative change, helping their citizen creators protect works and establish provenance while improving their bottom line.

  • NFT Marketplaces

    NFTs deliver collectible art, music, written works, and more. Theft and misappropriation plague today’s NFT platforms. Many claimed to have solutions to prove provenance, yet no one had yet succeeded. Until UREEQA. We uniquely provide solutions to establish the provenance of any NFT, providing peace of mind for all NFT platforms and their users globally.

  • Insurance Companies

    To better assess and offer policies on creator works, a third party validation provides insurance companies with the verification of the authorship, ownership and originality of any creation.

  • Real Estate

    Land registry, physical or in a Metaverse, needs efficiencies that only UREEQA can provide. Proof of all details relating to any parcel or structure upon it, validated by UREEQA, can give buyers and sellers reassurance with a secure, transparent exchange online.

Creator Rights Registration

Creator Rights Registration enables organizations to permanently post information about a creative work to the blockchain including authorship, ownership, work-for-hire information, artist residency and date of creation. These items and more are critical evidence collected by legacy copyright agencies for copyright registration. UREEQA, however, additionally provides the ability to attach supporting documentation — a much more powerful solution.

Creative rights registration

Government Copyright Registration

Government Intellectual Property offices can use UREEQA’s unique technology as a white-labeled application, bringing greater efficiency, modern innovation, and more financial efficacy to their operations. Governments better serves citizens with UREEQA’s blockchain solution.


Validation: Package of Proof

For higher value creations, creators will want the highest level of protection: Validation. This service compiles a Package of Proof, including third-party analysis and verification of the authorship, ownership and originality of the creator’s work. A patent-pending process performed by global UREEQA validators and enabled by UREEQA’s technology platform, generates a Package of Proof documenting all steps taken by UREEQA in a responsibly minted NFT. That NFT is hashed on the blockchain as a secure and permanent record of proof, accessible anytime and anywhere to help creators monetize their work.

Hands of Time Po P

Provenance Page

The Provenance Page is a comprehensive third-party online proof of authenticity that compiles a Package of Proof for each trait in the collection. With verified authorship, ownership, and originality of the artwork, the NFT purchaser has peace of mind that they are not purchasing fraudulent or misappropriated art. This page can be embedded into your website and shared with your community, verifying the authenticity of work and easily identifying the real from the fake.

Provenance Page