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UREEQA-Validated Black Mamba Tribute from BK The Artist Drops October 27th on Known Origin

Devout UREEQAns might know that last spring, the world’s first UREEQA-validated NFT (complete with the first Package of Proof on the planet) generated roughly 25 ETH which at the time equated to $100,000 USD. The renowned creator behind that project was Brian Kirhagis, AKA “BK The Artist.” Now, we’re teaming up again with BK for another special release -- this time in memory of late NBA legend Black Mamba.

UREEQA Repositioning for an Exciting Autumn

You won’t find many start-up tech platforms that take direct routes from launch to the summit, and we’re no exception. There’s a lot of trial and error involved in the process of developing and branding technology as unique as ours, and we’ve learned a lot from the zigs and the zags along the way.

UREEQA Brings Validation as a Service to the Market

Slowly — far too slowly, if you ask us! — the digital space is beginning to grasp just how much damage fraudsters have inflicted on the NFT realm. The problem is most marketplaces and platforms have focused so much on accommodating skyrocketing NFT demand that they’re far behind when it comes to policing piracy, fraud and theft in those spaces.

UREEQA Strikes Partnership with Venusverse

We don’t partner with just anybody. UREEQA’s modus operandi is explicitly oriented toward supporting creators. That takes priority over every other goal we’ve set, which is why our partnerships tend to be with projects and platforms that share similar priorities and sentiments.