UREEQA - Protect, manage, and monetize creative content

Protect, manage, and monetize your creations

As a creator you know it is a situation you are likely going to face at some point in time. Your work gets used without your permission and without compensation. It happens every day. UREEQA gives creators the online tools to protect their intellectual property permanently and securely on the blockchain.


For creators, you can protect your work throughout the creative process - from your initial ideas to the finished product - with UREEQA’s buildable layers of protection. Flexible and affordable, these options are easily accessible, based on how much you want to protect the value of your creation.

NFT Collections

Protect your valuable NFT Collections with UREEQA’s Validation solution that verifies the authorship, ownership and originality of your works, bringing you, and your community, value and peace of mind.

Industry Solutions

Support the protection of creators' rights and validation of the authorship, ownership and originality of creations through customized, white-labeled technology, leveraged from UREEQA's platform, for simple, easy and secure integration to your client platform.

Other ways we help

UREEQA offers unique ways to turn your passion into profit.

  • Monetize your creative work

    Creators can monetize their work with Validated NFTs. This provides confidence to artists and prospective purchasers of NFTs. UREEQA’s Validated NFTs will give artists the ability to monetize their intellectual property associated with the creative work, copies, licenses or rights to the creative work itself.

  • Become a validator

    Validators are a key part of UREEQA’s unique ecosystem. Validators both enable and empower creators by protecting creators’ works. In this era, where NFTs are being sold fraudulently and creative work is being stolen every day, UREEQA Validators work to research and collect evidence supporting vital legal proof of ownership, authorship and originality of a creator’s work, and best of all, get paid for doing so.