NFT Collections

NFT Collections

Provide more value and assurances to your NFT Buyers

We all know NFTs have rampant issues with fraud. OpenSea estimates that 80% of their listings are fraudulent or plagiarized content. Due to this, more collections are looking to prove provenance (history and authenticity of work). They want to build trust, confidence, and value for their community.

Protect your valuable NFT Collections with UREEQA’s Validation solution that verifies the authorship, ownership and originality of your works, bringing you, and your community, value and peace of mind.


UREEQA uses its patent-pending validation process to assess the authenticity of the creative work, including an analysis of its authorship, ownership and originality. A global network of validators use UREEQA’s platform and technology to research and analyze the authenticity of the creative work. A Package of Proof is generated which documents all the steps taken by UREEQA and its validation team to verify the authenticity of the creative work all for as little as $20 USD per NFT.


Package of Proof

A Package of Proof documents all steps taken to prove the authenticity of the creative work. The Package of Proof is a permanent, public record on the blockchain that the creator can use to reassure prospective buyers and prove they are the rightful owner.

An item that passes validation can then be minted as an NFT. The creation, the Package of Proof (and the information it contains) are then permanently written to the NFT record on the blockchain using UREEQA’s smart contracts and technology. Although UREEQA is not a form of, or a replacement for, formal country-by-country copyright registration, once the creation is deemed valid, the Validated NFT and Package of Proof can be used by the creator.

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Provenance Page

The Provenance Page is a comprehensive third-party online proof of authenticity that compiles a Package of Proof for each trait in the collection. With verified authorship, ownership, and originality of the artwork, the NFT purchaser has peace of mind that they are not purchasing fraudulent or misappropriated art. This page can be embedded into your website and shared with your community, verifying the authenticity of work and easily identifying the real from the fake.

Provenance Page

NFT Collection Validation

Validators are a key part of UREEQA’s ecosystem that empowers creators and protects creators’ works. In this era, where NFTs are being sold fraudulently and creative work is being stolen every day, UREEQA Validators work to research and collect evidence supporting vital legal proof of ownership, authorship and originality of a creator’s work, and best of all, get paid for doing so.

  1. Submission

    Upon submission by creators, URQA tokens will be held as a bounty and the submission will enter the validation job board. In a gig-like fashion, validators will be notified of a submission.

  2. Assessment

    Validators will have a fixed period to complete the validation (e.g. 7 days). In many cases, multiple validators will analyze the creators work and the validator community will approve or reject the creative work through a consensus mechanism.

  3. Approval

    The selected validators then work to assess the authorship, ownership, and originality of the creative work. Whenever necessary, validations will be supported by UREEQA staff and UREEQA’s legal resources.

  4. Package of Proof

    Once the validation is complete, a Package of Proof is generated which documents all the steps taken by UREEQA and its validation team to verify the authenticity of the creative work.