Become a Validator

Help Validate Creators' Work

As a UREEQA Validator, you will help enable and empower creators by verifying the authorship, ownership, and originality of their works and earn URQA tokens for each job you complete.

Be a vital part of the validation of tokenized assets

UREEQA’s Validators work to research and collect evidence supporting vital legal proof of ownership, authorship and originality of a creator’s work. This evidence is then compiled into a Package of Proof, accompanied by an affidavit signed by the Creator and a legal witness. All this evidence is minted in an NFT and hashed securely and permanently to the blockchain.

The perks of being a validator

  • Earn money

    Each validation job that you apply to will have a value indicated for the amount of URQA you earn once you have been approved for the job and the project has been completed.

  • Choose your own hours

    You will be able to view the available jobs under your Job Board once you have been approved as a validator. Pick up job postings based on your own schedule and availability.

  • No prior experience needed

    We provide a thorough Validator training program on all aspects of the validation process. All you need is a good working knowledge of English, an internet connection and a passion for protecting creator works. We’re always available to help with the learning curve on crypto and blockchain, so don’t worry, specific experience in this area is not required.

  • Be part of a community

    You are entering a community that is on the cutting edge of technological advances aimed at protecting and empowering creators of our cultural treasures – creations of any kind.