Protecting your Work. Your Rights. Your Revenue.

UREEQA exists to empower and enable creators to protect and validate their creations in a global digital ecosystem in order to drive more equitable outcomes.

The Team

Our talented creators entrust their life's work to our platform and we don't take that lightly. We built UREEQA by recruiting the best in their respective fields to manage our operations in consultation with our continuously growing board of advisors, to deliver leading edge services to our clients.


  • Harsch Khandelwal

    Executive Chairman
  • Tom Hunter

  • Shannon Powell

    Chief Marketing Officer
  • Matt de Jong

  • Robert Eccles

    Technical Assurance and Special Projects
  • Jim Whetstone



  • Joe Pillitteri

  • Dr. Jonathan Shahen

    Chief Data Scientist
  • Edmond Allmond

    VP - Creator Rights and Protection
  • Mike Dabydeen

    VP - Engineering
  • Marko Majic

    VP - Crypto Strategy and Growth
  • Maria Rebelo

    VP- Business Development
  • Keri Brownrigg

    Director of Validation and Operations
  • Marlies Bloxham

    Director of Client Experience
  • Paisley Beckett

    Validation and Operations Analyst

Board of Advisors

  • Michael Sheresky & Ramses Ishak

    Partners, United Talent Agency
  • Kevin Leflar

    President & CEO, officialCOMMUNITY
  • Janice Scott

    Former VP, SOCAN
  • Harvey Mason Jr.

    American Record Producer, Songwriter and Movie Producer
  • David Mahdi

    Former Gartner VP/Analyst; CSO, Sectigo


Q4 2021

  • Complete and launch Validator Training Module V1

Q1 2022

  • Launch NFT Authenticator V1
  • Complete Validator Dashboard and Admin Panel V1
  • Launch CR-ID (Creation Record Identifier) V1
  • Complete community feed pages V1
  • Update music publishing business micro-site
  • Code and platform security audit
  • Solidify technology plan for deployment of Validation as a Service (VaaS) model

Q2 2022

  • Design music publishing business end-to-end automation and client dashboard
  • Launch NFT Authenticator V2
  • Deploy Protector Program V1
  • Launch Utility Manager
  • Build out data retention strategy
  • Complete development framework for automation of validation
  • Establish support desk and development plan for 24/7 VaaS support 9 to 5
  • Establish infrastructure growth plan

Q3 2022

  • Security audit for code base
  • Implement infrastructure growth plan
  • Deploy VaaS
  • Extend white label capabilities for VaaS to third party NFT marketplaces
  • Complete Validator Training Module V2
  • Launch CR-ID V2
  • Security audit for infrastructure
  • Deploy data retention strategy

Q4 2022

  • Deploy Protector Program V2 for Internet Service Providers (ISP's)
  • Complete Validator Dashboard and Admin Panel V2
  • Launch automation of validation
  • Complete community feed pages V2
  • Design National Registries-Copyright

Q1 2023

  • Complete Self Service Rights Registration V1
  • Complete NFT Utility Manager Feature V1
  • Launch NFT Collections Provenance Page V2
  • Launch UREEQA Music - Website
  • Development of National Registries - Copyright
  • Design UREEQA Music - Single Sign-on Dashboard
  • SOC2 Compliance Type 1
  • Determine Requirements for NFT Marketplace Partner IP Protection Integration

Q2 2023

  • Test and Complete Development of National Registries - Copyright
  • Development of UREEQA Music - Single Sign-on Dashboard
  • Complete SOC2 Compliance Type 2
  • Determine Requirements for Self Service CR-ID Feature V2
  • Design NFT Marketplace Partner IP Protection Integration

Q3 2023

  • Deploy UREEQA Music – Single Sign-On Dashboard
  • Design Open API Interface
  • Development of Self Service Rights Registration V2
  • Determine Requirements UREEQA Music - Platform Collections Integration
  • Deploy NFT Marketplace Partner IP Protection Integration

Q4 2023

  • Development of Self Service CR-ID Feature V2
  • Development of Open API Interface
  • Deploy Self Service Rights Registration V2
  • Design UREEQA Music - Platform Collections Integration
  • Requirements for National Registries - Land
  • Design UREEQA NFT Marketplace V2


UREEQA partners with i-Create to validate their new NFT collection Joe Ravioli

From the founders of i-Create LLC, we are excited to announce the launch of the NFT project Joe Ravioli. This innovative and unique NFT collection tells a creative and fun story for buyers of any age. With the entire collection being validated by UREEQA, buyers will receive a cool piece of digital art, commercial rights, monetization opportunities and IRL (in real life) merchandising opportunities and more, all while also supporting a philanthropic cause to fight hunger in America.