What are the buildable levels of protection UREEQA provides

1. Batch Timestamp

        Staking Claims to your authorship through – UREEQA Batch Timestamp

        With UREEQA's Batch Timestamp, all creators can quickly protect their creative work throughout the iterative process. Creators who upload their creative work to the UREEQA platform will have their work permanently recorded on the blockchain with a timestamp. The record will be hashed to the blockchain in a group with other creative works of the day, rather than an individual hash for each creation. This is referred to as a batch timestamp.

        By recording their name, the date, and the creative work on the blockchain, creators will own a secure and permanent public record of their claim to their creative work.

        UREEQA may sponsor selected creations in the community for full Validation and the opportunity to monetize on the UREEQA Marketplace.

        2. Creator Rights Registration

          Creator Rights Registration is a posting of a permanent public record of creators' work on the blockchain, proving authorship and ownership.

          Like copyright registration, creator rights registration allows the creator to protect their work by publicly stating, "this is my work, and this is the date it was created." Going forward, if a creator needs to prove authorship or ownership, they can retrieve their detailed personalized record from their UREEQA dashboard as hashed on the blockchain, anytime and anywhere.

          Thanks to UREEQA and the power of blockchain, creators can complete this personalized process quickly and affordably.

          What is the benefit of Creator Rights Registration?

          1. The user receives their own dedicated hash on the blockchain.

          2. Essential details are recorded, such as authorship, residency, project use, and creation date

          3. The most powerful factor is that UREEQA provides the ability to attach supporting documents to the immutable public record that is hashed on the blockchain.

            Supporting documents include any evidence generated by the creator including anything they may have batch timestamped, which helps to prove that they are the author and/or owner of the work. Significant examples include photos of the creator in the act of creating the work, previous sketches and versions, software files used to create the work, and ownership assignment documents. Writing these supporting documents to the blockchain provides an added level of proof for the creator's future reference.

            3. Validation

            Validation verifies the creators' proof of authorship, ownership, and originality by a third party. That's important, because it's a neutral, unbiased assessment that gives the creators' claim more legitimacy. How does UREEQA validate?

            UREEQA’s patent-pending validation process requires the creator of the work to complete a “Know Your Client” (KYC) to verify their identity, along with the signing of a sworn affidavit affirming their ownership of the copyright. A team of trained validators, guided by a lead validator, then performs an advanced search utilizing UREEQA’s processes and technology to determine that the work in fact was authored by the creator claiming it, that it is original, and that it’s owned by the person claiming it. Through agreement by consensus review, the lead validator will then deem the work validated on behalf of the team.

            What can be Validated?

            If it can be tokenized, it can be validated and monetized. Using our patent-pending validation solution, UREEQA can validate various mediums of creative works - from written work to visual art - including digital art, NFTs, and whole NFT collections. Not to mention, paintings, photography, music, and videos, etc.. And where we can, we can adapt the process to meet other validation needs. Just ask.

            How can I become a Validator?

            The first step is to create an account on the UREEQA Platform. After you are logged in, you will be at the community page. Click on Dashboard, and once there, select Validation on the left hand menu to complete the Validator application.

            If you meet the eligibility requirements you will receive an email to complete the “Know Your Client” (KYC) form to verify your identity.

            Finally, we provide a thorough training program which includes a capability assessment. Upon completion of the training, you’re ready to assist creators across the globe in protecting their creations anywhere. For each validation job you complete, you will be paid in URQA-the token that powers the UREEQA ecosystem.

            How to Become a UREEQA Partner

            Are you looking to partner with UREEQA? Using this partnership form, you can contact a member of our Business Development team; you will provide an introduction about you and why you want to work with UREEQA.

            What is the UREEQA Community Feed?

            Creators who have their work batch timestamped, creator rights registered, or validated, can opt in to have their work displayed on our community feed.

            Once approved by our team, it will be showcased within UREEQA's community feed*. This makes it available for viewing by all other UREEQA community members.

            A key benefit of being in the feed is that UREEQA may sponsor your creation for full Validation and opportunities for monetization of your work on UREEQA's Marketplace. This allows creators to showcase their work to the world.

            * All work displayed in the community feed is curated to exclude creations that are not in accordance with our terms of use for the platform.

            What is the UREEQA Marketplace?

            Creators from across the globe utilize the UREEQA Marketplace to buy and sell responsibly minted NFTs validated through UREEQA's patent-pending validation process.

            What is URQA, and what can I do with it?

            The URQA token is a cryptocurrency that can be bought and traded while acting as the token that powers the UREEQA ecosystem. UREEQA trained validators earn URQA in compensation for their work performed on the platform.

            You can also earn URQA just for participating in our community. Join our discord to learn more.

            Token holders can participate in UREEQA's staking pools to earn more URQA. This increases your token holdings increasing your tier level and giving you access to exclusive perks, and deals.

            Check out our Discord channel to learn about UREEQA tiers.

            For UREEQA Exclusives with a particular URQA holding requirement, your URQA balance will be verified when your wallet is connected to our platform or discord server.

            As all holdings are transparent and available to be viewed on the blockchain, we conduct monthly snapshots to verify wallet holdings.

            Where can I buy URQA?

            URQA is currently available on Uniswap (ETH) and TraderJoe (AVA). UREEQA is actively looking for other exchanges that believe in similar compliance philosophies to have the token available there.

            What about Bittrex Global?

            In light of Canada’s new regulatory changes, Bittrex Global had recently made a decision that would affect any Canadian token holders. Effective May 31st, Canadian token holders were required to wind down any positions and move them off the Bittrex network no later than June 14th; or their tokens would be lost. As a Canadian company, we are advising all of our token holders to move their URQA off of Bittrex.

            What is a Wallet, and why do I need one?

            Since cryptocurrencies cannot be held in traditional banks, digital crypto wallets are needed to store URQA. URQA is an ERC-20 token; therefore, your wallet must support this protocol.

            Cryptocurrency wallets can be either a physical "hard" wallet (e.g. Ledger, Trezor, etc.) or an app-based "soft" wallet (e.g. MetaMask, Trust Wallet or Coinbase Wallet, etc.). Hardware wallets add a layer of security.

            What types of payment methods do you accept?

            We currently accept all major credit cards as well as cryptocurrency payments including USDC, BTC, ETH, and of course URQA. All prices are in USD.

            How do I purchase NFTs on UREEQA's Marketplace?

            The buyer must have sufficient funds to cover the cost of the NFT and must agree to UREEQA’s Terms of Use. Other purchase requirements vary per campaign and individual NFT.

            Users should review our general auction rules outlined below.


            Before placing your bid, please carefully review the General Auction Rules below.

            Credit Card Hold

            A credit card Hold will be required and placed on your credit card before you can bid on an auction item (open auction or sealed bid items). Once you place a hold for a particular item, you may bid on it as many times as the auction allows for. Credit card holds will be released 7 days after the auction ends as per the credit card processor. However, it may take your credit card company longer to release the hold.


            If you have placed the highest bid upon auction closing, you will receive an email requesting you to pay the bid amount within 24 hours of the email receipt. Credit card and crypto payments are both accepted. Failure to pay within the 24-hour timeframe forfeits your bid, your right to purchase the item and your credit card will be charged the hold amount that you agreed to when participating in the auction.

            NFT Minting and Delivery

            Upon receiving payment confirmation, UREEQA will mint all pre-mint NFT purchases within seven (7) business days. You will receive an email with instructions on how to set-up delivery to allow your NFT to be transferred directly to your personal cryptocurrency wallet at time of minting.

            Why is there a Credit Card Hold?

            When a hold is put on your credit card, it holds that specific amount in case it needs to be applied towards the purchase price; similar to a deposit. In the case of our auctions, this hold ensures the bidder is serious and helps protect the creator of the NFT from buyers defaulting. If the buyer does not follow through with the purchase they will forfeit the deposit. Bidders who did not win, will have the hold released and no charges will be made to their credit card.

            What does the hold cost?

            This hold is determined by the NFT creator, and can vary based on the project.

            What are the three purchase types within the Marketplace?

            1. Fixed Price: The buyer pays the price assigned to the item.

            2. Auction: Publicly bidding against other potential buyers in an attempt to purchase your item at the highest bid price.

            3. Sealed Bid: A sealed bid auction, also known as a blind auction, is when all bidders submit their bids while not knowing other participants' bids. The highest bidder wins the auction and pays the bid which they submitted.

            What is a Pre-Mint NFT

            Minting an NFT is how creative work becomes a part of the blockchain. Once an NFT is minted, it can then be purchased and traded. Purchasing digital art before it is minted is a Pre-Minted NFT. All NFTs purchased pre-mint will be minted within seven (7) days of payment confirmation.

            What is the difference between delivering an NFT and transferring an NFT?

            Transferring an NFT refers to the movement of an NFT from one digital wallet to another. Delivering an NFT refers to the first transfer of an NFT to a cryptocurrency wallet.

            UREEQA will notify the buyer via email when it is time to deliver the NFT directly to the provided cryptocurrency wallet.

            Both transfer and gas fees may be applicable.

            What are Utilities?

            NFTs on the UREEQA Marketplace typically come with benefits or perks often referred to as utilities for the owner of the NFT. This can range from tangible or intangible items such as an exciting experience. Additional Perks ultimately aim to make the NFT more attractive to own and hold.

            If needed, how can I get assistance?

            Please consult UREEQA's FAQs in addition to the instructions found on our website. For further assistance, please feel free to send us a message on our live chat, or post your question on ourDiscord.