URQA Tokens

The token that powers the UREEQA ecosystem.

Become a URQA token holder to take advantage of opportunities and discounts, by participating in UREEQA Staking, UREEQA Exclusives and so much more!

How do I buy URQA?

UREEQA Staking

Staking is a way to earn passive income from your URQA tokens. Get rewarded for locking in your tokens, and at the end of the term, receive all your URQA back plus your rewards. Rewards are calculated based on staking time – the longer you stake, the more you earn.

Closed Pools

NamePool Size (URQA)AnnualizedMaturity DateFilled
Chopin 1,000,000 300% 30 Days 90%
Edison 1,000,000 150% 30 Days 100%
UREEQA Qard Birthday Bash Pool 500,000 350% 15 Days 36%
Hitchcock 1,500,000 155% 60 Days 80%
Angelou 1,500,000 55% 90 Days 100%
Shakespeare 1,500,000 20% 60 Days 100%
Mozart 1,500,000 30% 90 Days 100%
da Vinci 1,500,000 50% 120 Days 100%


UREEQA-Validated Black Mamba Tribute from BK The Artist Drops October 27th on Known Origin

Devout UREEQAns might know that last spring, the world’s first UREEQA-validated NFT (complete with the first Package of Proof on the planet) generated roughly 25 ETH which at the time equated to $100,000 USD. The renowned creator behind that project was Brian Kirhagis, AKA “BK The Artist.” Now, we’re teaming up again with BK for another special release -- this time in memory of late NBA legend Black Mamba.

UREEQA Repositioning for an Exciting Autumn

You won’t find many start-up tech platforms that take direct routes from launch to the summit, and we’re no exception. There’s a lot of trial and error involved in the process of developing and branding technology as unique as ours, and we’ve learned a lot from the zigs and the zags along the way.