Protect your
creative work.

Protect your work throughout the creative process - from your initial ideas to the finished product - with UREEQA’s buildable layers of protection. Flexible and affordable, these options are easily accessible, based on how much you want to protect the value of your creation. With UREEQA, creators have a system that quickly records the claim as a public, permanent record on the blockchain. UREEQA helps writers, digital artists, singers, songwriters, photographers, videographers, anyone who creates a work that may have value.

Copyright registration doesn’t verify originality. We do.

Copyright registration agencies in many developed nations (including the US) do not conduct analysis or searches to determine whether a work is original, whether it belongs to the creator, or even whether it has previously been registered.

With UREEQA, creators can choose to have their creations validated using UREEQA’s technology and global network of validators. UREEQA’s patent-pending validation process analyzes the authorship, ownership and originality, among other things, of the creative work to assess its authenticity.


Copyright registration is slow and doesn’t verify authorship. We do.

The traditional method for creators to protect creative work is to apply for copyright protection. Applying for copyright registration and other types of intellectual property protection is different around the world, and typically slow and antiquated.

UREEQA’s platform allows creators to timestamp their creative work through an innovative system that is faster and simpler. UREEQA’s solution records the claim as a permanent, public record on the blockchain within minutes.


Three layers of buildable protection

Batch Timestamp

To track your creative work in progress

Creators can post a permanent record of their creative work and it gets hashed to the blockchain batched along with everyone else’s of that day. A timestamp records the date, the creator’s name, and a hash of the creative work as a public, permanent record on the blockchain which in turn provides the creator with a secure record, accessible anytime, proving they are the author of their work.

BTS Seal Final

Creator Rights Registration

To protect your completed work

This allows creators to verify and register important information to the blockchain, like authorship details, artist residency, employment information and date of creation. These are critical pieces of evidence that legacy copyright agencies typically collect for copyright registration. UREEQA provides creators with the ability to attach supporting documents, including anything you may have timestamped, to the record hashed on the blockchain. A certificate is provided to give creators proof of authorship and ownership of their work.

CRR Seal Final

Validation - Package of Proof

To prove your work’s authorship, ownership, and originality

For higher value creations, creators will want the highest level of protection: Validation. Validation compiles a Package of Proof, including third-party analysis and verification of the authorship, ownership and originality of the creator’s work. A patent-pending process performed by global UREEQA validators and enabled by UREEQA’s technology platform, generates a Package of Proof documenting all steps taken by UREEQA in a responsibly minted NFT. That NFT is hashed on the blockchain as a secure and permanent record of proof, accessible anytime and anywhere. This is key to helping creators monetize their work.

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Batch Timestamp

$5 USD + Gas

What is gas?

“Gas” is the unit of measure for how much computational work is required to process transactions on the blockchain. The fee for this work varies, much like the price of real gas.

Creator Rights Registration

$20 USD + Gas

What is gas?

“Gas” is the unit of measure for how much computational work is required to process transactions on the blockchain. The fee for this work varies, much like the price of real gas.


$499 USD

Responsibly Minted NFTNoNoYes
Package of ProofNoNoYes

Monetize your work

UREEQA offers unique ways to turn your passion into profit.

  • Sell your work as NFTs

    Creators can monetize their work with Validated NFTs. This provides confidence to artists and prospective purchasers of NFTs. UREEQA’s Validated NFTs will give artists the ability to monetize their intellectual property associated with the creative work, copies, licenses or rights to the creative work itself.

  • Become a validator

    Validators are a key part of UREEQA’s unique ecosystem. Validators both enable and empower creators by protecting creators’ works. In this era, where NFTs are being sold fraudulently and creative work is being stolen every day, UREEQA Validators work to research and collect evidence supporting vital legal proof of ownership, authorship and originality of a creator’s work, and best of all, get paid for doing so.