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UREEQA Strikes Partnership with Venusverse

We don’t partner with just anybody. UREEQA’s modus operandi is explicitly oriented toward supporting creators. That takes priority over every other goal we’ve set, which is why our partnerships tend to be with projects and platforms that share similar priorities and sentiments.

UREEQA — 2021: The Foundational Year

We launched our URQA token on March 31 of this year. As we approach the end of our first calendar year of operations in the crypto space, we thought it was important to pause, take a step back and look at what we have built in this foundational year.

UREEQA Fall In Review

Winter has at least unofficially arrived here in the Northern Hemisphere, and the holiday season is upon us. That doesn’t mean we’ll slow down one bit here at UREEQA, but with December here, we figured we’d take a moment to reflect on a jam-packed run through fall within and outside of the platform.